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Reasons to Use

Why Must You Use Plastic Pulley?

Our Plastic Pulleys are manufactured from a special engineering plastic. Since the production is carried out by centrifugal casting method, Pulleys are manufactured with zero porosity and very low balance. Our Plastic Pulleys can be used up to 2.5 m/sec speed without any balancing process.

Our Plastic Pulleys are more resistant and more resistant to wear in comparison with Cast Iron Pulleys.

  • Tackle Pulley.
    Tackle Pulley

    Plastic Tackle Pulleys (Plastic Elevator Wheels) are the pulleys which transmits the movement from the lift motor. They are used above and below the cabin as 1/1 or 2/1 hanger.

  • Deflection Pulley.
    Deflection Pulley

    Deflection plastic pulleys or diverting elevator wheels are the pulleys which enable the rope to reach to weight properly by changing the direction of the rope.

  • Hydraulic Pulley.
    Hydraulic Pulley

    Hydraulic pulleys are the plastic wheels which provide the transmission between the cabin and hydraulic system and they are able to move in the same direction as another or opposite to each other.

  • Casting Pulleys.
    Casting Pulleys

    Our GG 25 gray cast iron and GGG 50 nodular cast iron pulleys (Elevator Wheels) are used in tackle, deflection and hydraulic pulleys.


  • Silent and Vibration Free Work
  • Low Balanced Work
  • High Quality and Affordable Price
  • Fast Delivery
  • Six times lighter and High Abrasion Resistance
  • Standard and Stable Sizes
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Manufacturing in CNC, Pivots Processed in CNC with C45 Crack Control
  • Nodular Iron Side Bearing
  • 6200 2RS and 6300 2RS C3 Bearing Use

Useful Information

  • Pulley Applications.

    Pulley Applications

    One example of the applications we have done. Auxiliary pulley of our elevator which was installed in 2008... Unworn, Silent And Vibration-Free Work.

  • How To Select A Pulley?.

    How To Select A Pulley?

    While the pulley selection is made, the criteria such as rope used in machine engine pulley, cabinet design affect the diameter of pulley rope and the pulley sizes.