Tackle Pulley

Plastic Tackle Pulleys (Plastic Elevator Wheels) are the pulleys which transmits the movement from the lift motor. They are used above and below the cabin as 1/1 or 2/1 hanger.
Tackle Pulley.

You can use SED plastic pulleys confidently in tackle systems. You can get details related to our tackle pulleys and our product list below. Please inquire with the enclosed form for your specific pivot size or side bearing demands.

We produce quick solutions with our pivot manufacture in Ø 50 mm Ø 55 mm Ø 60 mm size for demands in our industry.

The bearings used in pulleys are selected as FD ORS FAG and SKF according to elevator speed and the load it will carry.

You can receive information from our company for load calculations in tackle pulley, and you can get our technical support in selecting pivot and bearings.

We are beside you also in technical calculations.