Deflection Pulley

Deflection plastic pulleys or diverting elevator wheels are the pulleys which enable the rope to reach to weight properly by changing the direction of the rope.
Deflection Pulley.

Deflection pulleys; Ø 400 Ø 400 4x10 and 5x10 are delivered immediately from stock for gearwheel machines.

You can use our SED plastic elevator pulleys as deflection pulley, our SED deflection pulleys have bearings in hubs and 2 pieces of GGG 50 nodular cast (3 times more durable than GGG 25 gray cast iron) side bearings and metal side bearings.

You can get details related to our SED plastic pulleys and our product list below. Please inquire with the enclosed form for your specific pivot size or side bearing demands.

These pulleys are supplied immediately from stock for Ø 400 4x10 ve Ø 400 5x10 toothed machines.

Each size of deflection pulleys are suppplied from our stock.

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