SED plastic elevator pulleys are manufactured with from double-component MC Nylon 6 materials each in separate molds by centrifugal casting method and they are passed through many tests after production.

Because of numerous technical advantages what production methods and materials have brought you, you get more comfortable and quieter process. When SED plastic pulleys are compared with gray cast iron pulleys, their abrasion resistance is 7 (seven) times greater than GG 25 cast iron pulleys. You may use standard SED plastic pulleys up to 2.5 m/sec speed without any balancing process. (Please get information for higher speeds).

Our precision in the production process after the SED plastic pulley separates us from our competitors; In brief, there are two bearings in each pulley, each bearing is fixed to the pulley from their front and back with segments by the method tight fit, thus the pulleys and bearings become one piece. The pivots that we use in pulley are processed in CNC lathes from C45 peeling material in -0,03-0,05% precision. With this precision on the surface of the pivots, you do not experience problems such as the disintegration of the bearing.

Because of our metal cutting workshop within our company, we answer the details such as keyseating and tooth opening in any pivot sizes desired by our customers precisely and quickly. We offer also certificates and technical drawings of the products we use in case of request of our customers.

The bearings used in SED pulleys are the bearings which have standards of TSE (Turkish Standards Institute). Regarding to selection of bearings, you can get all kinds of information about technical support and load calculations from the pulley department of our company. ORS-FAG-SKF bearings, which are demanded for high-speed elevators, are used in our pulleys in direction of customer demands along with recommendations of our company.

Since SED plastic pulleys are manufactured from 6 times lighter materials in comparison with GG 25 gray cast iron pulleys, you can provide a counterweight pulley weight saving as same as weight of one pulley in 2/1 hangers. Since SED plastic pulleys are lightweight, you can get easy and accurate installation.

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